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8 Creative Craft Room Organization Ideas

How to Organize a Craft Room Effectively

Organizing paint in a craft room
Sugar Bee Crafts

Craft room organization is such a vital part of crafting because supplies left in disarray can leave you feeling stifled and uninspired. Unfortunately, keeping things tidy is a huge problem for so many crafters. Just because you’re creative, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re organized. In fact, lots of artists can be quite messy at heart.

However, even if you’re the self-proclaimed most unorganized crafter on the planet, there are ways to change habits and be both creative and organized. These DIY craft room organization ideas are here to help you rethink how you arrange, use, and display your supplies. 02 of 16

Label Wicker Baskets for Craft Storage

Craft room organization in wicker baskets
The Country Chic Cottage

Craft room organization doesn’t have to be ugly or monotonous. In fact, craft rooms should blend into the other decor in your home. If you have a more natural, rustic feel in your home, consider labeling and organizing supplies in wicker baskets inside your craft room.

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Use a Pegboard for Vertical Storage

craft room pegboard organization
Honeybear Lane

Pegboards are a trusty and time-honored way to keep supplies organized. However, to make your pegboard standout from the one you might see in a workshop, paint it an attractive color. Next, add a fun frame to the perimeter of the entire board, then use smaller frames to section off different types of supplies.

Framed Large Pegboard Tutorial from Honeybear Lane

Rework a Closet Space Into a Craft Room

Craft room organization closet
IHeart Organizing

If bedrooms are limited in your home, consider designating all your craft supplies to a single closet. Some small craft room designs even have the option for a built-in desk or workspace inside the closet. 

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Repurpose an Entryway Wall Organizer

Craft room organization ideas
Hey Let’s Make Stuff

Before you go out and buy expensive craft supply storage solutions, consider organizing on a budget first. Look through your home and see what can be repurposed. For instance, maybe you have an entryway wall organizer that you’re no longer using. Hang scissors on the hooks designated for keys and utilize the other compartments for supplies. 

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Incorporate Multiple Shelving Units

Craft room organization shelving units
The Scrap Shoppe Blog

When reorganizing a craft room, consider completely emptying the space, then think for a while about the best layout for both storage and function. Locate a wall that can be dedicated to open and closed shelving, because you’ll need a lot of it for your craft supplies. 

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Reimagine Existing Dining Room Furniture for a Craft Room

Craft room organization furniture
Love Grows Wild

For an elegant looking craft room, consider reworking an old dining room hutch into a craft supply storage unit. This idea will work exceptionally well in spaces that also function as a guest bedroom.

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Keep Craft Supplies Organized in Containers

Craft Room Organization Containers
Unskinny Boppy

One organization tip to consider is trying to keep supplies in separate containers. For instance, instead of storing markers and colored pencils together, give them each a jar. Before you think that a ton of individual compartments will cost you a ton, remember that these containers can be something like repurposed mason jars or something you would find at the dollar store.